An Unlikely Pairing- Beef Burgundy and Oregon Pinot Noir

Boeuf Bourguinon, aka Beef Burgundy, is a traditional French peasant dish that has worked its way up the culinary ladder and is finding its way into the hearts of Americans. Unfortunately imported Burgundies, although excellent, can at times be pricey and not something you necessarily want to dump liberally into your stew. Typically, chefs recommend that you cook with the same wine you are serving, which works well in the countryside of Burgundy, but how about here in the USA? A price conscious alternative is the domestic Oregon Pinot Noir.  Julia Child made the recipe for Beef Burgundy more accessible to Americans by printing an English version in her Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Oregon wineries have been making Pinot Noirs more accessible as well. Oregon is at the same latitude as the Burgundy region of France and has a similar climate, particularly the Willamette Valley. Pinot Noir grapes thrive in the cooler coastal climate of Oregon and have been gaining popularity and recognition in recent years.  In a 1980 Paris competition, an Oregon Pinot received second place among French wines, establishing it as a world class Pinot Noir producing region.

There still may be some cool days of spring to contend with, and what better meal for those brisk spring winds then a hearty Beef Burgundy paired with the warm fruit and spice flavors of a Pinot Noir?

Our suggestion:
Viridian Pinot Noir Willamette Valley – $16

Try this great recipe and substitute your favorite Oregon Pinot for the suggested Burgundy wine. It takes a bit of time to simmer, so plan on three hours or so. It’s time consuming, but worth it!‘oui’-to-beef-burgundy/


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