Art in a Bottle

St. Supery’s Elu blend is as intriguing on the inside as the outside.  The St. Supery estate wines sport the classic, no frills label, but their red and white Meritage blends stand out on the shelf. Joel Nakamura is the artist responsible for the beautiful design on the 2005 Elu label. This Santa Fe, New Mexico artist is inspired by Native American folklore and mythology. Nakamura’s design for Elu is a true artist’s rendition of St. Supery, intertwining grapevines, a harp, disco attire and weather patterns for the wine drinker to decipher the meaning for themselves.  His vivid colors and use of visual texture not only tell a story, but involves the wine drinker into deeper legends of the winery itself. As you study the label, you can’t help but wonder what stories are hidden in the design. Face value it is a pretty picture to the outsider, but you know his artwork houses special meaning and to those intimately connected to the winery and wine makers. His artwork is inspired by the writings of Joseph Campbell, American mythologist. Campbell insightfully states that  “myths are public dreams and dreams are private myths.” Nakamura’s artwork can be found nationwide and abroad in the commercial landscape, from the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, to the Denver Museum, beer and wine distributors and the International Headache Society.

Although there is substantial beauty on the outside of this bottle, on the inside is rivaling beauty of a well crafted wine. This wine is produced with St. Supery’s estate-grown fruit by winemaker Michael Scholz. American Oak stands out on the nose as a lovely vanilla tone. All of your favorite red fruits come bursting into play on your palate, raspberry, cherry and strawberry. On the finish is a wonderful cigar box and nicely structured tannins. The 2005 Elu is a blend of classic Bordeaux grape varietals, 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 3 % Petit Verdot and 3% Cabernet Franc.

The St. Supery Elu meritage has been on our favorites rack for sometime now. For those of you that missed the St. Supery tasting the other night, we still have the Elu in stock. It’s worth a stop in to discover it’s intriguing label and the beauty of the wine within.

Further examples of Nakamura’s work can be found at his website

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  1. Lovely article — the marriage of wine and art can be quite sumptuous. We’ll have to try this lovely wine at some point soon!
    You can see more of Joel’s art in his online gallery at:

  2. Thanks for the comment Alex!

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