Can wine withstand heat?

We get asked a lot of questions in the store…one of which is about the proper storing conditions of wine.  And we’ve preached that proper storage techniques are essential for wine to age properly (55 degrees horizontal preferably in a cellar or wine refrigerator).  For ‘drinking’ wine we usually suggest that it is at least stored in an air-conditioned area, preferably 75 degrees or less.

But we’ve decided to put our advice to the test.  Living in Florida, during the summer, it is hot…sometimes hotter than hot.  What happens if you don’t store wine in your wine refrigerator or even the house?  What would happen if you left the wine out on say the lanai for a week?

Here’s our experiment.  We are going to use two bottles of the same wine (Twenty Bench Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa), keep one bottle stored in our wine refrigerator at 55 degrees and the other will sit on the lanai (out of sunlight).  We selected a Cabernet specifically as they are made to age and more complex than some other varietals, we’re thinking maybe this will give it an edge to hold up in the heat.

The experiment starts today and runs until next week….stay tuned!


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