What’s the Deal with Golden Monkey?

Everywhere I go these days Golden Monkey is the hot commodity. I overhear bar patrons asking their friendly bartender if they serve Golden Monkey…”I’m sorry, we ran out!” Comes the reply. It has a following, like a classic movie, beer enthusiasts (or simply beer drinkers) have been recently listing it as one of their top fav’s. So what’s the deal with this beer?

I found myself at my neighborhood bar one night several months ago, looking

at Golden Monkey on the beer menu. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I figured I better see what all the hub bub was about. As I poured it into the glass from its deeply hued bottle with its all-seeing eye and a Buddha monkey figure of some sort, its deep straw colored full-bodied texture filled my glass and perked with just that little extra head that Belgians ales tend to show. An

aroma of citrus and floral hit my nose and that characteristic snap of Belgian yeast. It was refreshing, strong but light at the same time, citrus and smooth with a bite. Delicious, I thought, but I still don’t understand the fuss. Until I finished my beer and noticed a serious buzz. Ahhh, 9.5% alcohol in this sucker.

Produced by Victory Brewing Company out of Dowingtown, PA, this beer has become kind of an icon of sorts among their eleven year-round beers and eight rotating seasonal brews. The fact that Southwest Floridians have jumped so willingly on to the Monkey wagon says their doing something right. It takes a stand-up beer to steer many of us away from the American Lagers on a steamy summer day down here in the South. Maybe it’s simply the fact that it only takes two, depending on your tolerance.

Victory’s Golden Monkey – $2.50

You can find Golden Monkey at Decanted Wines, 1410 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples FL 34108

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