K Syrah, Syrah

Que sera, sera – whatever will be, will be. K Syrah should be translated to – nothing left to chance. These wines aren’t left to the whim of a winemaker just going with the flow, saying, whatever happens,  happens. The K Syrah series wines are crafted with care and all the meticulousness one could expect from a wine of this depth.

One of Charles Smith’s many endeavors, K Vintners produces a wide array of wines, including  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay and Viognier. But his bread and butter is his signature grape, Syrah. 13 different Syrahs from various vineyards make up his portfolio, each with their own defining characteristics, ranging from $15 to $120.

Charles Smith was awarded Winemaker of the Year 2009 and his Syrah is rated top 10 in America. Washington wines are making their way in to the forefront of domestic wines and Charles Smith is blazing the trail. See Washington Wines Revealed for a more in depth look at the Washington wine world. He offers several different levels of his fantastic K Syrah. Listed below are three of my favorites. As their price increases, so does their complexity. The Phil Lane is one of the most outstanding wines to grace my palate. Big, bold, almost black in color with a nose that just embodies Washington. Breathing in the Phil Lane took me back to the four years spent living in Eastern Washington where I attended college, the smells of the countryside, the warmth of the air, the lushness of the landscape. Charles Smith’s  simple explanation of the wine sums it up, but you just have to taste it to fully appreciate its loveliness.  But don’t feel bad if $75 is a little much to spend for Sunday dinner, the Northridge and Milbrandt wines are fantastic as well.

K Syrah Milbrandt $36

“As the day is long…a never ending finish of spices, fresh tobacco, cured meats and stone. So smooth, so fine.” Charles Smith

K Syrah Northridge $40

“Extremely concentrated, intense color. Notes of huckleberry, cedar, cigar and kirsch. Built like a brick sh*t-house; exuberant ripe fruit with grippy backbone and spice and a seamless finish.” Charles Smith

K Syrah Phil Lane $75

“Violets, lavender, roasted meat, game, crushed stone and a super long finish.” Charles Smith

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