The Future of the Wine World

Ever since the idea of a Decanted retail store even entered our minds, Al and I have were consistently evaluating the market conditions not only in Naples, Florida but the entire wine world.  Who would we cater to?  In Naples, it is almost expected that you cater to the old generations like the Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation (prior to the Baby Boomers).  However more and more we read and experience a strong interest in wine from the younger generations…namely the Millennials (1980 – 2000).

As W. Blake Gray aptly describes in his latest post, this Generation’s growing interest and excitement for wine, he also identifies how wineries have begun catering to this crowd more than ever.

What’s the secret?  They’ve ‘de-mystified’ wine if you will.  The belief that you have to have a Sommelier’s palette in order to enjoy a good bottle of Bordeaux no longer exists.  Consumers like what they like, no questions asked.  Wine tastings are like a day occurrence in most towns now (including Naples…just visit to get the full list) and allow a fun atmosphere for this new generation to learn and develop their palettes and knowledge.

I look forward to this generation growing in their wine development and continuing to explore new varietals and regions.  They are refreshingly laid back, admittedly still learning and willing to try virtually anything.


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