Hats Off to Magic Hat

Last week we hosted a tasting showcasing the wonderful beers of Magic Hat Brewing Company.  Magic Hat representative, Jessie Morris enthusiastically discussed the seasonal releases and brewing techniques of the off-the-wall company located in Burlington, Vermont. Magic Hat is unique in the sense that they like to keep things interesting, releasing beers that are never again to be recreated. Once they are out, that’s it, that beer will never be made again. I don’t know about you, but that makes for a great incentive to drink some Magic Hat and try something new. Magic Hat prefers to go against the flow, basically doing the complete opposite that the masses are doing. None of their beers fit into a formulated style category and that’s what sets them apart.

Their summer variety pack sampler consists of the staple not-quiet-pale-ale #9, but the other three always rotate, coming and going with the changing of the seasons. This summer brings about Blind Faith, a balanced IPA with a medium hop character; Wacko, the summer seasonal brew, made with beet sugar which gives it a lovely pinkish tint; and their Odd Notion which changes each season. This summer the Odd Notion is a “wild ginger ale” made with ginger root and Belgian yeast. The Summer ’10 Odd Notion is crisp, refreshing and full flavored. I’m am definitely sad to see this one go!

The summer pack is on its way out, but here comes the fall selection. Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to be some of the first to sample Hex, the fall seasonal. Hex had never been tasted before – other than the brewers in Burlington. The beer was delivered to our distributors at 4am and we were sipping on it our tasting by 5:30 pm. Hex is an Ourtoberfest, a German Oktoberfest style beer, made with ale yeast instead of lager yeast. Amber in color with hints of toffee and caramel. Toasted malts give a smoky finish. While I am sad to see the Odd Notion Wild Ginger Ale go, Hex duly steps up to the plate.

You can find Magic Hat beers, including plenty of the new fall seasonal Hex, at Decanted Wines, 1410 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL or at http://www.decantedwines.com

Our next beer tasting will showcase Southern Tier Brewing Company’s collection. September 16th, 2010 $5 per person.

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