Does Barometric Pressure Affect Your Wine?

For those of you who live in Florida, you know how much the weather can fluctuate from day to day. One moment it will be sunshine and blue skies, the next moment the sky opens up and dumps buckets of water. Then within minutes,  as if nothing happened, the clouds part and the sunshine’s back.  With Hurricane Earl bearing down on the East Coast, the humidity that has been oppressive for the past few months is now being sucked away into the giant storm. Not that we wish ill on anyone affected by the storm that’s raging off the Eastern seaboard, but it sure is nice to see the barometer drop a few millibars and the humidity percentage down to a reasonable number. Usually when the barometer drops, especially in Florida, look out because a storm is brewing. But  today the humidity is unusually low  at 45% with beautiful blue skies and no sign of those ominous thunderheads.

So does this mean it’s a good time to break into some of your favorite red wines? Absolutely!

Low pressure and low humidity is not going to do much for your white wines, but you may notice a significate difference in your red wines. Now, this hasnt been scientifically proven, not that I know of at least. But expert wine drinkers agree that a glass of the same wine can taste quite contrary when served during different weather situations. If you tune your taste buds in, you will find that your reds will taste crisp and cool in a low pressure, low humidity setting. Adversely, those reds are going to taste heavy, warm, flat and alcoholic when the weather is high pressure, high humidity. Is it because the atmospheric pressure is weighing down your wine, making it taste vapid and lifeless? Well, I’m not a scientist so I am not going to try and answer that. Just remember to pay attention to the barometer. This Labor Day weekend may be the perfect time to bust into the cellar and drink that Bordeaux you’ve been saving. Otherwise, during the typical Florida summer heat, stick to the light whites. They will surely refresh your palate and don’t seem to be as affected by the humidity.

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