Craft Beer in a Can?

Is it true? Can it be possible? Craft beer in a can?

I know what you are all thinking. Isn’t a can reserved for the inferior yellow beers? Think again. Oskar Blues, a small brewery located in Lyons, Colorado are doing things a little differently. In 2002, they began hand-canning their Dale’s Pale Ale, becoming the first craft brewery to can their beer.

In the days of yore, cans would instill a metallic taste on your icy cold beverage. These days brewers are lining the inside of the can with a water based coating which prevents the beer from touching the aluminum and keeps the flavors pure. There are plenty of other benefits of a can including recyclablity, portability, as well as keeping the beer fresh by eliminating the damaging effects of light and oxygen. Cans weigh much less than bottles, so from a shipping standpoint, cans are more cost effective. From a recycling standpoint: “A recycled aluminum can generates 95% less pollution than one made from scratch and requires 96% less energy” declares Oskar Blues Brewery.

The best part about these craft beers in a can – they are an easy tote-along to the pool, the beach, on the boat, the chairlift, the golf course, and on your next camping trip. Light and unbreakable, they dare to go where no bottle will.

Old Chub has been one of the flagship beers of the Oskar Blues Brewery, winning honors and awards for its malty goodness and smoky aroma. Old Chub walked away with a Gold Medal in 2008 and 2010 at the World Beer Championships and is ranked “Top Rated Scottish Ale” by Beer Advocate. 971 reviews on Beer Advocate have rated Old Chub with an A- for excellence.

Old Chub Scottish Style Ale — an 8% ABV, semi-sweet dark beer with luxurious flavors of coffee, chocolate and a kiss of smoke. $2  for a 12 oz can

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