Craft Beer from the Heart of Wine Country

Nestled in the midst of rolling vineyards and an abundance of  wine-o’s, the Smith family took a leap of faith, embracing the craft beer movement by opening Napa Smith Brewery. They are hoping by using the name “Napa” in their brewery name, that instead of conjuring up images of vineyards and wine, images of artistry,  craftsmanship and fine beverages will come to mind.

In the spirit of fine beverages, leave it to a brewery right out of Napa Valley to create a series of beers that are meant to pair with food. Napa Smith currently produce three varieties of ales; a Pale Ale, an Amber and a Wheat beer. They believe there are certain foods that beers pair with easier than wine and that certain beers will actually make the food taste better. Their three beers are meant to pair with a large range of food types including seafood, pasta, chicken and pork.

Family owned and operated, they believe that life is about having fun and that good food should be accompanied with great beer.

Ranked in Wine Enthusiast’s Top 25 Beers, Napa Smith’s Amber Ale is a crowd pleaser. $9/4 pack

Napa Smith’s Amber Ale uses seven malt varieties, and three unique selections of hops in order to achieve deep complex flavors. The taste starts slightly sweet and then progresses to a clean, dry finish.

You can find Napa Smith beer and other craft beers at Decanted 1410 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples FL 34108 or online at


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