The Winery Bucket List

I was recently inspired by a WordPress challenge to post one blog per day.  Do I think that I will post on Decanted’s blog everyday?  Probably not…but my goal is to have myself and our contributors to post more often in order to open our readers eyes to more items related to wine & beer culture.  Click here to read more about the Daily Post Challenge.

Every January I sit and plan the trips (both business and personal) for the upcoming year.  It helps me take stock of my availability and plans for the year ahead (I’m a little Type A).  This year, I’m extremely excited to be able to check my top two wine making countries off of my ‘Bucket List.’  My love to travel is spurred by many different reason including both mine and my husband’s enthusiasm for hiking and the outdoors, history and mostly notably wine & food.

But this blog is about wine & beer and not my goal to hike the Inca Trail.  So I’ve created a winery bucket list, winemaking countries that I want to visit before…you know…time is up (I’d also like to get there when I’m still able to enjoy the juicy vino!)

1.  Italy
One of the true homes of wine, I find Italy to be the mecca of wine and food pairing.  Each region makes their specific wine for their specific cuisine.

2.  France
In wine, France is king.  What more would a wine geek want than to travel the country sipping some of the best wines in the world?

3.  Spain
Old world, new world…Spain does it all well from Rioja to Ribera del Duero and everything in between.

4.  Germany
Confession…I love Riesling.  I think it is one of the most complex and under appreciated wines in the world…however I will stay away from the German reds.

5.  Australia/New Zealand
I combined these because I only plan on doing this insanely flight once.  Kiwis and Aussies alike, I’ve heard the wines in the country are absolutely nothing compared to what we get in the states…no critter wines here!

6.  Austria
“Wine” is a loose term here, but I’ve always wanted to visit the Riedel factory and headquarters, housed in Austria…maybe I’ll try some Gruners while I’m there.

7.  Argentina
The fast growing wine making region, I have this lower on my list because I feel that in a few more years this country will be producing some of the best wines in the world.

8.  South Africa
Another region that supposedly keeps “all the good stuff for themselves” I’m intrigued to try a Pinotage that I don’t actually despise.

9.  Chile
Although I believe they have some work to do quality wise with their wines, I’m loving the Carmenere out of this country and really would like to see first hand the visual difference between Carmenere & Merlot…

10.  China
Call it pure curiosity, but I really want to see what they are starting to grow out there.  Again, lower on the list to give them some more time to get quality up.

11.  Hungary
I love a good dessert wine, and Hungary has some of the best.  That’s really the only reason I want to go.

12.  Canada
I’ll probably hit this one up much sooner than #12, but for other reasons…powder and first tracks (I’m an avid skier as well).  Wine wise, I’m really interested in the Ice Wine making process even though I’m not a huge fan of the wine.

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  1. What winerys would you want to visit. Would it be the larger ones, or the smaller family run ones?

    • Definitely the smaller family run ones. It is always interesting to meet the people who make the wine by hand, they’ll tell you their stories, introduce you to their family and friends and offer tastes of their most prized wines. However, I always do visit some larger ones as well. There’s something to be said (and be seen) for what these large wineries have accomplished from a production, technology and business perspective.

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