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If you like beer and television, the new TV series “Brewmasters” is your new favorite show. Founder of Dogfish Head Brewing Company, Sam Calgione, created a TV series based on the craft beer industry, adventure and travel, as well as the trials and tribulations of everyday operations. If you are a serious beer geek like myself, you may have seen every episode already…plus all the re-runs.

In his premier episode that aired on November 21st at 10pm on The Discovery Channel, we follow Sam and his crew as they embark upon the task of creating “Bitches Brew” as a tribute to Miles Davis album of the same name’s 40th anniversary. He has a tight deadline to create a custom brew that will please palates. They bring us along as they follow daily operations where anything can happen, as well as travels across the globe to seek out new beer recipes and ingredients.

As a craft beer drinker, it’s fantastic to see someone like Sam portraying craft beer in positive light in the mainstream. It gives me hope that one day a larger percentage of Americans will opt for a craft beer over adjunct based mass produced beer when given the choice.

You can watch video clips and find a weekly schedule at


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