Erickson Departs Screaming Eagle

After just five vintages of winemaking at the famed Screaming Eagle Winery, Andy Erickson is departing to focus on his personal projects and other winemaking commitments at cult wineries such as Favia, Leviathan, Dancing Hares and Arietta amongst others.

What does this mean to the public? While the majority of us are not on the Screaming Eagle list and cannot afford to purchase the cult Cabernet (we quoted a customer 2006 at over $1500 per bottle), Erickson’s other projects and much more accessible, affordable and even interesting. Hopefully this move will afford him time and creativity to expand his current projects and also tackle some new ones.

What does this mean for Screaming Eagle? Losing your founder and current winemaker in the span of four years is never a dream for any winery. We’ll see in the coming vintages what the future holds, but this does provide the setting for new owners Walter Banks and Stanley Kroenke (sports industry executive) to put their own stamp on the winery by selecting someone as winemaker who will take Screaming Eagle in their direction – whatever it may be.

But for now hats off to Erickson, for making wonderful wine over the last 5 years at Eagle and much luck to him with his other endeavors. I know at least one wine store that will continue to fully support him, his current projects and all others down the road.


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