Parker v. Vaynerchuk on HBO?

Rumor has it that the writer of “Sideways” is working with the production company responsible for HBO hit, “Boardwalk Empire,” on a new show for the premium network based on wine.

“The Nose,” supposed name of the show, will be based on two characters modeled after Robert Parker and Gary Vaynerchuk, two popular wine critics with very different personalities.

It is likely that the Parker character will be poised as the old-school, swirling, big word dropping wine snob and Vaynerchuk will be the hip, cool, tweeting, social media guru.

The show hasn’t even filmed a pilot and hasn’t been picked up by any networks, although word on the street is HBO is looking for a wine related show that displays “the real wine busines.”

For us, we are hoping this show won’t be the one HBO picks up. Robert Parker is a fantastic critic but probably not the best person to base a series on. And don’t get us started on the other guy….let’s just say The Situation is all we can handle from Jersey.

Read the full story at The Gray Market Report. (

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