Armenia…the birthplace of wine?

An international research team published an article in the Journal of Archaeological Science claiming they had found the oldest winery in the world, in Armenia.

“It’s the oldest proven case of documented and dedicated wine production, stretching back the horizons of this important development by thousands of years,” Gregory Areshian, co-director of the excavation and assistant director of the University of California Los Angeles’s Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, told CNN.

It appears that clay pots, vats and a sprawling cave system was used for wine production over 6,000 years ago (known as the Copper Age).  The vats appear very similar to the foot-stomping pieces of the equipment popular in winemaking during the 1800’s.

The cave system was discovered under mulitple layers of rock that appeared to have sealed and preserved the remnants of the winery after a collapse of the cave roof many years ago.

CNN states, “The wine might have tasted similar to modern vintages as well. Botanists examining the find say it was the species Vitis vinifera, the same one used to produce the vast majority of wine today.”

But what did the wine taste like?  A modern, unfiltered red wine much show similar characteristics as many of these are produced in similar manners today as the could have been 6,000 years ago (just might have been a bit more tedious).

So the question is, what to do with France?  It was deemed ‘the birthplace of wine’ but with this discovery…do we now pass that title to Armenia?

Read the full CNN article here –>Scientists discover ‘oldest’ winery in Armenian cave –

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