Food & Wine Pairing: Stone Crabs

It is winter in Florida which means many things, one of which is Stone Crab season.  Tonight we are very lucky to get a fresh batch of Stone Crabs from a local fisherman.  So the question at hand is what wine to pair with them?

I always believe when it comes to food and wine pairing, you not only need to take into account the protein (in this instance Crab) that you will be eating but also the spices and flavors.  Stone Crabs are served fresh and chilled with no seasoning, but we will be making a number of dipping sauces that include horseradish, stone ground mustard, and even a bit of butter.  With the combo of the delicate flavors of the Crab and the heavy flavors of the sauces, I steering in the white direction so as not to overwhelm the crab but have also selected wines that have enough flavor to stand up to the sauces.

Wine #1:  Red Hook Chardonnay
From: Brooklyn, New York
About: Made by Robert Foley, this wine really is made in Brooklyn….however the grapes are grown in Long Island and then trucked into the city.  Foley went the California direction with this wine aging it in new oak barrels and allowing the Chardonnay to ripen fully and then undergo malolactic fermentation.  Basically, it is California style Chardonnay made out of Long Island grapes in Brooklyn…very Robert Foley.  And very good.  I’ve been tentative about New York wines, but this is one of my favorite new Chardonnays – New York or not.
Price: $48

Wine #2:  Robert Foley Pinot Blanc
From: Napa Valley, California
About: Let’s just call it a Robert Foley night…but he is a great winemaker and adventurous when it comes to whites.  Complete opposite of the previous, this wine is all fruit…no barrels or malo.  This 100% Pinot Blanc is very dry and crisp with strong floral flavors.  Perfect to counter balance the spiciness of the horseradish.
Price: $18


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