New Arrivals: Value Section

We’ve all been there, we’re three bottles deep with a group of friends and no one can even taste the wine – but we want more…OR that neighbor that couldn’t tell the difference between Kendall Jackson and Kistler ‘pops over for a drink’…OR it’s just Monday night and you really don’t want to open that special bottle.  So we’ve created a new value or best buy area of the store and website for just those occasions and any other reasons you can think of.

We started by doing some massive tasting (I know our job is rough) of wines we can retail for under $15 and came up with about 15 or so to start the section with.  We’ll be continually tasting and look for great finds and rotating them on a weekly basis, so be sure to check it out – we promise there will always be something new.

We picked up a few pointers when searching out these wines.  When it comes to value – think outside the box.  Leave Napa and Sonoma behind and try exploring some other less ‘popular’ regions.  Spain has probably the best values coming out of Europe right now, nice full bodied fruit with smooth tannins…high quality wines that would be priced in the $20 range in the states.  Australia took a beating after the whole over production fiasco a few years ago, but some of the smaller wineries are starting to rebound and with lower prices.  Often we think of French wines as rare and expensive, however if you look to value areas like the Rhone & Languedoc you can find some great values.  Also try buying wines that are made outside their region.  Many Europe wine production rules state that only specific grapes can be grown in a region to be sold as that region’s wine.  For example, in Burgundy, France only Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Gamay can be produced and sold as a ‘Burgundy’ wine.  However, we found a fantastic sparkling made in the Champagne style (can’t be called Champagne because its not from that region) that is produced in Burgundy out of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir…for only $9 a bottle!  You can’t get better quality Chardonnay and Pinot that from Burgundy.  And last but not least, try something new.  It won’t kill you, actually it will only cost you a few bucks…it may open your world to something you never imagined… 🙂

Some of our Value Wine Selections

Kilda Chardonnay & Shiraz

Louis Perdrier Brut & Brut Rose
Burgundy, France

Terra Andina Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Reserve, Carmenere & Cabernet Sauvignon
$11 (Pinot is $13)

Vina Borgia Tinto

Campos Reales Tempranillo

Ponga Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand

Protocolo Blanco & Tinto

Fleur du Cap Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay
South Africa

Colosi Rosso
Silicy, Italy

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