The Wine Century Club

Wine Century Club Seal

Wine Century Club Seal

While researching some new wine trade organizations I came across the ultimate ‘wine geek’ club – The Wine Century Club.  The Club describes themselves as:

The Wine Century Club is for all adventurous wine lovers. If you’ve tasted at least 100 different grape varieties, you’re qualified to become a member (click here for more information). If you haven’t tried 100 different grape varieties, but are interested in the concept, you’re welcome to all of our events. Please join us in promoting the awareness of uncommon wine grape varieties.

What a great idea!  And what a way to promote unique varietals and get myself (and others) to try something new.  After a quick glance at the varietal list, I’m already on my way (60 varietals tasted thus far) and plan to hit my goal of 100 and be inducted no later than this summer.

But this isn’t just about me, it’s about taking on the mission of this club and exposing others to some of the unique varietals that are out there and forcing (not physically) them to explore the wine world beyond Cabernet and Chardonnay.  Ever tasted Tannat, how about Cortese…have you even heard of them?  And for you true wine connosieurs let’s take it a step further…Agiorgitiko? Müller Thurgau? Hondarrabi Zuri?

So launches the Decanted Century Club…Decanted will be hosting tastings bi-monthly for those of us geeks looking to explore these uncharted grapes.  First one scheduled for March 24th – 25 wines, 25 varietals! Click here for more information.


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