Nutritional Labels for Wine – What’s the Big Deal?

Nutritional wine labelIt is not a recent argument, and it is probably one that will not end anytime soon…should the government require wineries to put nutritional labels on their wine?  But the concept has gotten a lot of people up in arms and spurred some pretty lengthy articles and blog posts.

I for one don’t really get the need, but I ask what’s the big deal?  What is everyone afraid of?

Sometimes its good to know what you are putting in your body.  Does wine have calories in it, yes.  Are they terribly high?  No.  I could name thousands of items we drink and eat everyday that have less of a nutritional value then wine.  A glass of wine has about 125 – 150 calories in it.  There are more calories in my Venti Latte with skim milk and two Splenda, that Starbucks must tell me has 170 calories and 23 g of sugar in it.  Does that stop me from spending $200 per month with the little green giant? Unfortunately not.

When it comes down to it wine is one of the most natural products we ingest.  Grapes, water, alcohol, sugar…that’s about it.  No added ingredients, no chemicals we can’t pronounce.  What scares you more, the ingredients and stats on this ‘mock’ wine label created by, or this label for a very common product we all use everyday…bread.  Check out the ingredients just on this whole wheat bread (do you know what Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate is?)

Actually on the positive side, maybe sulfites wouldn’t get such a bad rap?  It seems that ever since the government required that little statement ‘contains sulfites’ to wine bottles, the percentage of people with sulfite allegries went from less than 1 percent of the population to over 25 percent of the population.  I know we all think we are special but come on.  If wines had a traditional nutritional label maybe the poor little sulfite wouldn’t get blamed for so much?

So I ask you, the consumer, would nutritional information on a bottle of wine deter you from buying a bottle?  Are alcohol companies simply just assuming their customers are naive to the fact that there is (SHOCK!) alcohol and sugar in wine, beer and liquor?  Or is there really something to be said for just leaving it all a mystery…


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  1. Wineries go to great lengths to create wine labels that approach works of art in many cases.
    Why would we want them cluttered up with this totally unnecessary information.

    • I totally agree with that argument! I think, IF, this was required the best way would be to have wineries include nutritional information on their websites rather than on their products themselves – similar to the Starbucks and restaurant models.

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