What’s The Next Big Thing in Wine?

What’s The Next Big Thing in Wine?

I recently read this article written by Mike Veseth from the Wine Economist.  As a wine professional (and marketer) at heart, I am always looking for TNBT (the next big thing as Mike describes) or the next big trend.

Mike offers a couple interesting options for the next trend in wine:  Torrontes and Moscato to replace White Zinfandel.  While I feel that White Zin doesn’t even belong in the same category as the other two varietals, I do see them replacing the White Zin for its particular market.

Here are some other observations on the trends in the wine market…

White Zin Drinkers: Moscato and Riesling.  Both wines deliver a similar residual sugar as Zinfandel’s even twin but with a bit more complexity.  Challenge, with these wines quality is reflected in price.  It is much harder to get a quality Moscato for $5.99.

White Drinkers: German varieties and Pinot Gris.  We’ve seen a climb in popularity of German wine varieties such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer along with Pinot Gris made in an Alsacean style.  The mis-nomer of these wines being flabby and sweet is being negated with higher quality products entering the market.

Red Drinkers: Interesting blends.  I’m not just talking your traditional Cabernet & Merlot blend, but people are experimenting with blends that include grapes such as Charbono, Carmenere and for the less adventurous Zinfandel and Malbec.  Just look to the success of Orin Swift (The Prisoner) who is a winery that is known to throw their drinkers for a loop with what they include.


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  1. I think those are all interesting notions, above all else I think we’ll see two changes. A diversification of sorts for growing regions, as more states start their own wine growing regions, heck even Arizona is attempting to grow quality wine right now. Secondly, I think you’ll see a larger number of Italian varieties planted and gaining consumer acceptance.

    Nice blog BTW

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