What the Hell is Cote-Rotie

Michel Ogier Cote-Rotie, 2007

I’ve been on a Rhone buying (drinking) spree the past few months.  2007 Rhone vintage was questionably the best ever.  The Ogier Cote-Rotie is no exception.

  I knew very litte about Cote-Rotie until a few weeks ago we had a 1982 Cote Rotie; it tasted similar to  if I decided to chew on my Gucci loafers.  Cote-Rotie is in Northern Rhone, a wine of extremes…slopes, le mistral (wind for you Jersey people), blood/sweat/tears.  The Ogier has a great aroma of dark red fruit and white/black pepper.  It follows through similar on the palate balanced throughout…front, mid and finish.  This wine is 100% Syrah but by law they can have up to 20% Viognier.  This wine will be drinking excellent in 4 years but last for decades.  The bottle we opened at 11am today will be better tomorrow night at 11pm.  With a proper cut of beef this wine would have a flavor explosion in your mouth. 

You are missing out if you have not tried one of these wines.  We “stole” the last 10 cases in Florida at a substantial discount. Regular price $135/bottle, currently $65/bottle by the case (52% discount). Recently reviewed by Parker at 94 points.

About Al Fialkovich

Partner and head wine buyer of Decanted Wines in Naples, Florida. Offers brutally honest wine reviews.

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