Drink Wine, Stay Skinny

Two more studies have recently emerged that prove what we all have hoped for…drinking wine keeps you skinny!  Well not exactly, but it is definitely a better option than our other alcohol choices.

According to a recent issue of Wine Spectator, an new online publish by the British Medical Journal found that drinking white wine with a meal slowed digestion of individuals and was a better choice than black tea.  The study was held at the University Hospital of Zurich, where individuals where asked to eat a heavy Swiss meal first with white wine then with black tea.   The study found that digestion was significantly slower – and better – with the pairing of white wine.

The Swiss study also found that when alcohol is paired with meals, individuals tend to eat less.  This is in line with another study – the SUN project – a long term study conducted at the University of Navarra in Spain.  This experiment has followed 9,300 individuals over the course of six years and observed their drinking habits.  They believe that there is no association to wine consumption and weight gain.  Actually the study finds that while wine drinkers maintain their weight from year to year, beer and liquor drinkers actually gain about 4 ounces every year.

So cheers to us, and drink up!

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