What We’re Drinking

I just thought I’d through together a little post about what have been our favorite wines (and grapes) as of late.

Alban Viognier
If Al has brought this white home ten times over the last month, that is an understatement.  Although admittantly I am getting a little sick of seeing the bottle, I’m never sick of the flavors.  This Viognier is full bodied with flavors of lightly oaked peach.  This wine is made in the Central Coast of California, which is up and coming for unique varietals on both the white and red side.

Michel Ogier Cote Rotie
Both Al and I have been on a Rhone drinking spree lately (see his blog article about this wine here).What I like about Cote Rotie, and this wine in particular, is its ability to change over time.  Not only years of storage but over the course of the night.  The Ogier may be one wine when first opened – restrained, big and tannic; develop into a second later into the night – forward fruit with a spicy finish; and even a third the next day – perfectly balance of white pepper, dark cherries and tannin on the finish.  Not many wines can claim three personalities, but this one can.
$120, sale $78

Jacuzzi Barbera
It’s been a busy season in Naples, which means a lot of pizza and grilled cheese nights for us.  And even though we have the pick of the litter when it comes to wine, I don’t always want to open up one of our premium selections for my slice of mushroom pizza (not the best wine pairing in the world).  I have relied on this great value for those nights.  Barbera is mainly know for the Italian wines from the northern Piedmont region that display high acidity and light fruit.  A different style, Jacuzzi Vineyards is located in the Carneros area of California, a slightly warmer growing region that is displayed in the wine itself.  Full fruit with lower acidity and flavors of raspberry and black cherry.


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