Century Club Varietals: Cava

The title of this article breaks one of my cardinal rules:  a style of wine as grapes/varietals.  However, I did it purely as a marketing tactic.  If I had named this post Macabeo, Xarello, & Parellada would you be reading it right now?  Probably not.

Name:  Cava is a style of wine made in Spain which is recognized Denominación de Origen (DO) when produced in the traditional method, which is actually the same method the French use to produce Champagne – méthode champenoise.  Although, most Cava are produced using the three grapes I mentioned about (Macabeo, Xarello & Parellada); Cava can also contain:  Subirat (white), Chardonnay (white), Garnacha (red) & Monastrell (red).

White or red: Cava can be produced as either a white or rose sparkling wine.

Grows: Most Cava is produced in the Northwestern region of Spain, most notably the Penedes area of Catalonia.

Tastes like: To me Cava has a slightly more bubbles than its cousins – Champange and Prosecco.  Cava is traditionally a light bodied wine, dry, with strong floral and fruit flavors.  Cava, like Champagne, can be produced in a variety of different levels of dryness from brut to demi-sec.

Price range: $10 – $40

Examples:  Marques de Gelida Brut Cava ($19); interesting fact – first women Cava producer & owner!
Kila Cava, $10

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