20 (Legitimate) Reasons to Break out a Bottle of Wine Everyday

Because sometimes we just need to celebrate (and enjoy) little victories in life…or need a pick me up from the day that just occurred. Here’s a list of some everyday reasons to enjoy that bottle of wine, compiled by wildly humorous sister.
  1. The last email of the day came at 4:57pm with a list of 20 things to be done by 12noon tomorrow.
  2. As you started the car to head home the “check engine” light appeared.
  3. Your computer did not need to be restarted once today! Celebrate!
  4. It’s the 28th day of the month; that means all the bills are due in the next 3 days.
  5. It is the season finale of your favorite reality TV show – who is going to win? Who is she going to pick?
  6. You made it through one full week without caffeine – you deserve a treat.
  7. It’s taco night and what goes better with tacos than a nice spicy Malbec?
  8. For at least one hour before the kids go to bed there will not be once piece of laundry in the laundry baskets.
  9. Looks like you’re out of milk for breakfast – guess wine will do.
  10. TGI ..M…T…W…Th…F…S…Sun
  11. Leftovers don’t taste as good unless you are having the same wine with them you had the night before
  12. What’s the old saying? It’s gotta be Friday night, 5 o’clock somewhere?
  13. A Sponge Bob marathon is on tonight, that’ll keep the kids busy
  14. The drive home from work only took 30 minutes today.
  15. The drive home from work took almost 2 hours!
  16. That sock you lost 2 weeks ago just appeared under the couch
  17. I’ve been working at the same company for so many years and the CEO hasn’t a clue who I am
  18. The weather was terrible today, need some wine to warm up.
  19. It has been sunny for 4 straight days, I’m so thirsty I need a glass of wine.
  20. What’s the saying?  A bottle a day, keeps the doctor away?

About Al Fialkovich

Partner and head wine buyer of Decanted Wines in Naples, Florida. Offers brutally honest wine reviews.

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