Wine in a keg? What’s next in the wine world?

Recently I read an article from Inside Scoop in San Francisco about local restaurants serving wine out of a keg? I have to admit at first, I was a bit taken back. I mean this is wine we are talking about being tapped and served by the glass. But after further thought, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea?

Let’s be honest, most wines by the glass at restaurants are crap, swill if you will. Sutterhome and Coastal Vines, no matter how you serve them, will never be a premium product. But a good go-to glass at the bar? Sure, and you bet restaurants will continue to serve it for years and years. Most of these bottles are opened when ordered, and then kept in a cooler and served over the next few days or until the bottle is empty. The only problem with this process is that you are dealing with a product (wine in general) that is really only suppose to last a day or two at most after its opened. If you are that person that orders a glass of White Zin on day three, your wine is not as good as it was on day one…fact.

So back to the keg. A keg provides a cool and oxygen-free environment for the wines. There is no more bottle waste for restaurants and consumers are getting a fresh glass every time. The non-waste issue gives restaurants more flexibility on their wine-by-the-glass list by reducing the potential cost of lost inventory if say a Gruner Veltliner is not the most popular wine on the list. Not to mention the environmental issue of reducing all that material (bottles, corks, foil) by switching to a reusable resource.

Disturbing at first, yes. But kegs in the wine industry may just make an appearance outside of San Francisco yet, and might have a positive impact on the industry.

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