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Wine Not? Spring Mountain, Napa

I’ve dug up a video from our trip out to Napa at our visit to Barnett Winery. Here we talk about the differences in vineyard management on a hilltop/mountain vineyard versus being down in the Valley. Some beautiful views on this one! And as a sidenote, we just brought in Barnett’s Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which can be found here and here!

Wine Not? Wooden Valley, Napa

We’re continuing our travels throughout Napa County and while visiting one of our favorite vineyards (Hestan Meyer) yesterday, we found a little pocket that we never knew existed. Wooden Valley, although not a recognized AVA, is a unique microclimate housing a few vineyards that specialize in Cabernet (another one you might know is Altamura). The temperatures are much warmer (it was 95 vs. 85 yesterday) than Napa Valley itself. Take a look…

Wine Not? Touring the Central Coast of California

We just arrived in Napa, finishing our short (but awesome) tour of the Central Coast of California. The trip dispelled a lot stereotypes I had of the region. After visiting Napa (located north of the Central Coast), I thought that area was way too hot to grow Pinot Noir. But after exploring the area morning, noon and night and donning too many sweaters to count; I found the area has the perfect growing conditions for Pinot – warm summer days and cool (very cool) summer nights. Take a look at our first episode of Wine Not? We’ll add more throughout the trip and over the next few months. We promise, our camera skills will improve 🙂

P.S….out-takes video to come!

Wine Not? Touring California Wine Country

This weekend Al and I leave for a two-week long “research” trip to investigate vineyards from Santa Barbara to Sonoma. We’re also using this trip to kick off a new video/photo blog section we like to call Wine Not? Wine Not? will feature the answers and information about wine and the industry that you’ve always been dying to know. We won’t reveal too much more, but see below for a sneak peek on some of the topics we will be covering over the next month.

You can also follow our upcoming trip on this blog and our Twitter page.

Upcoming Wine Not? Topics

  • Can you really open a wine bottle with your shoe?
  • What does a grape bunch look like?
  • What’s the difference between California and European wine?
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