Our Contributors

Albert Fialkovich

Originally From: Shamong, New Jersey
Has Lived: South Jersey; Boston, Mass; Aspen, CO; Naples, FL
Been Drinking Wine Since:  After college when I was working in Boston
Favorite Restaurant(s):  Jimmy’s (Aspen, CO), Pinon’s (Aspen, CO), Elevation (Aspen, CO), Alexander’s (Naples, FL)
(Current) Favorite Kind of Wine:  Pinot Noirs…I can’t decide between California and Oregon, so I’m going back and forth
(All-time) Favorite Kind of Wine:  Cabernet Sauvignon
Producers She Loves:  Pahlmeyer, ZD Wines, Robert Foley
Wine of the Moment:  Acha by Mark Herold Wines, Spanish style blend from varying areas of California…complex and luscious.

Jessica Fialkovich

Originally From: Medford, New Jersey
Has Lived: South Jersey; Philadelphia, PA; Aspen, CO; Naples, FL
Been Drinking Wine Since:  Before it was legal!
Favorite Restaurant(s):  Pacifica (Aspen, Colorado), Alexander’s (Naples, Florida), USS Nemo’s (Naples, Florida), Matsuhisa (Aspen, CO)
(Current) Favorite Kind of Wine:  Full bodied Zinfandels
(All-time) Favorite Kind of Wine:  Pinot Noir
Producers She Loves:  Charles Smith (K Vintners, Charles Smith Wines); Dave Phinney (Orin Swift, Soda Canyon, Beau Vigne); Andy Erickson (Leviathan, Favia, Dancing Hares)
Wine of the Moment:  I’m on a Chateau Rayas kick, their Rhone Valley wines have been drinking outstandingly.

Encoding Information

Please advise your Point-of-Sales Rep. of the following questions and they will be able to advise accordingly.

If you are using a Barcode,

1.Barcode type: 128, 39, UPC, etc…?

2.Data to be encoded on the barcode?

For example barcode 128 with numbering 0001-0250


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